Bonsai waterfall gardens only need you to add a little water and they’ll ready to work. Just plug them in and turn them on. Before you invest be sure to have an idea in your mind the effect you wish to create, then have a browse online to see what is available that might suit your decor and the position your Bonsai waterfall garden will be placed.
No matter what type of Bonsai Waterfall Bonsai you buy, We are sure that it will be enjoyed by not only for yourself but everyone around you. These treasures can be placed in many areas such as kitchen benches, tables, pool decks, gardens, patios, or your Bonsai Waterfall Garden can be added to that barbeque area that you try to spend some time in with friends and family.
Complete self-contained waterfall garden featuring a bonsai tree as part of the landscape — just add water and plug it in. Comes planted with a 6 year old Juniper bonsai. Our waterfall garden is sculptured to harmonize with the tree and cascading water flow. The re-circulating pump (which is submerged in the rear) is easily adjustable from a trickle to a raging waterfall. Envision a living sculpture, a work of art in your home. Great for tables, desks, counters or outdoor patios, decks or gardens. Bring a sense of nature into your home, mountains, rocks, waterfalls, and a tree. Relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of this great mesmerizing conversation piece.

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