The Apple Bonsai is the standard Apple Tree grown as a miniature with the fruit small but still very nice to eat. The Apple is one of the most common used for Growing as a Miniature Fruit Tree. When you decide to grow your tree you will need to choose the species carefully and do some research on which one will grow best it your climate. There are types of Apple trees that do not grow the fruit very well in some areas with mild winters because they actually do require long periods of cold temperature. It is best I feel to talk to a nurseryman or the internet for some knowledge regarding the Apple Bonsai Tree to gather as much information as possible.

Bonsai Mastery Secrets

The apple bonsai tree is a sturdy tree and does not require too much attention in winter. If it is kept in a shallow pot then there is a danger of the roots becoming frosted so if it becomes to cold you may think very seriously of taking your Apple Bonsai Tree to a warm and protected place.

The best pots for growing your Apple Bonsai Tree should be untreated wood and you will need to think about the size. Make sure the pot will accommodate for the size you want your tree to become. Even though you are growing it as a bonsai it can be grown in a pot up to 10 feet or so, depending on yourself, how miniature a fruit trees you wish to create as your Apple Bonsai Tree.

What you Need to Know About Bonsai Gardening

The Apple Bonsai Tree I would like to show you here is the flowering Crabapple are one of the best for bonsai. The beautiful white, fragrant flowers covering the entire tree in early spring is a treasure to view and this happens before to before the foliage appears. The fruit ripens to all different colors in the fall. I have placed a picture on this page and if you click it you will get a much more detailed idea for this fabulous species. They are easy to grow and quite pest and disease resistant.