There are so many nice Zen Gardens on the market today and would all look wonderful for any room in your home. These Gardens encourage us to be creative and show our own personal touch when we rake these beautiful masterpieces to suit our own individual design. Behind the miniature garden lies centuries of discipline and spiritual development. To the Japanese it is a source of meditation and relaxation and is also known in our western world to relieve stress.

Mini Zen Garden

Your Zen Garden can be the door of adventure and teach us to view things that happen in our lives in a new way. When creating these lovely themes we can see how the simplicity of a Zen Garden one has the ability to reduce our complex thoughts to a matter of sand and rocks.

Delux Zen Garden

The Zen garden has a long history and many different types. The dry garden, which is called Karesansui and is translated into Dry Mountain and water garden and to create the look you, would use rocks and gravel. One larger rock is to represent the mountain which looks over the wonderful and peaceful country side and the raked area is known for resembling the water. Water gives peace and tranquility to the mind and the Zen Gardens can create this in your home.

Zen Sand Garden

The Zen Garden (sand garden) above is hand crafted and made of natural materials such as slate and ceramic. It is of the highest quality. Once you spend few moments raking gentle patterns in the white sand I am sure you will see the Zen Garden is very effective in melting away the day’s stress, leaving you with a new sense of calm and Zen Gardens can certainly create this for you.

Most of the Zen Gardens in early times were usually quiet large and this provided the Buddha Priests the opportunity to wander peacefully though the gardens.