About Bonsai

Bonsai Plants and Trees are a great hobby. Our Names are Walter and Peter and we have been joined together through the internet because of our love of Bonsai. This very creative hobby can bring people together with like minded interest, just as it did for us. We both love our Bonsai Plants.

After some time chating online about our Bonsai Plants, we decided that we should meet and then we fell in love. This has led us to where we are today and the Bonsai Plants still hold a very sucificant part of our daily life. We hope that we can pass this wonderful hobby onto you and help you with some information about Bonsai Plants and trees to help you on the way.


We are glad to talk about the bonsai tree to anyone who would like to know about bosai tree. We also help to grow the bosai tree in your garden, kitchen, room, dining etc wherever you wish to grow. We provide all type of bosai tree services.

Walter Ramirez



Bonsai Tree Care is Our Mission

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